Sakura Script

What’s New? I recently completed an amazing course on creating my own font and I’ve been dying to share how it turned out! I decided to create a font that had some texture, similar to that of a calligraphy pen. A lot of fonts that I’ve seen are way too smooth for real life. I… Read More Sakura Script

Calligraphy, Faux Calligraphy, lettering

Let’s Talk Crayligraphy!

What the Heck is Crayligraphy?? Well, to put it pretty simply, crayligraphy is just calligraphy using Crayola markers! The first time I heard about crayligraphy, I was honestly in disbelief. I couldn’t believe that people were creating awesome modern hand lettered pieces using kids’ markers. Here I was, ordering brush pens, markers, pen nibs and holders left… Read More Let’s Talk Crayligraphy!