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Welcome to LetteringbyMelody!


Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Melody and I’m a 27 year old stay at home mom of 2. I have a BA in English with a minor in Psychology. I’ve been dabbling in hand-lettering for almost two years, with the last six months spent really trying to perfect my own style.

My first little adventure in hand-lettering started after seeing those super cute hand-lettered looking home decor pieces in Hobby Lobby. Those things were selling for sometimes $30-50 depending on the size and how it looked. I thought, “Hey, I can totally do that!”

So I went online and looked around a little, and found a really great resource at The Postman’s Knock, run by Lindsey Bugbee. She provides really great instructional videos and blog posts about how to create amazingly beautifully hand-lettered pieces. Her pieces are done using pointed pens, which are insanely difficult to maneuver, especially for someone who is new at hand-lettering and doesn’t really have a style of their own perfected yet.

So of course, being the overly-ambitious person that I am, the first thing I did was order a pen holder and about ten different pen nibs that I had no idea how to use. It was a disaster of wasted ink, rusty nibs, and a pen holder that I lost shortly after. Oh, and a lot of printer paper went in the recycling too.

Needless to say, my hand-lettering endeavors ended abruptly after I became super frustrated with pointed pen. I didn’t know a thing about brush pens and markers or how to create faux calligraphy without special, tiny tools and accessories.

Around January of 2016, I was living with my mom due to the oilfield bust here in west Texas, and I stumbled upon Bullet Journaling through a group on Facebook. It looked interesting and I love doodling, so I figure that maybe this was a planner setup that I could stick with. And then I fell down the rabbit-hole of Bullet Journals on Instagram, where it typically goes hand-in-hand with gorgeous hand-lettering.

The first thing I bought when I started hand-lettering this time around was a set of Tombow Dual Brush Markers. These things are really difficult to get the hang of if you’re used to using traditional pens and have never touched a brush pen before. I was super discouraged at first, but after playing with them and watching a few youtube videos, I felt like I was starting to master them.

The last 10 months (wow, has it almost been a year already?) I’ve been testing numerous pens, markers, brushes (including paint brushes!) and other tools of the trade, so to speak, to see what is the most user-friendly and yields the most aesthetically-pleasing results. I’ve also been trying to build a portfolio on social media and in the form of tangible products to sell in my Etsy shop.

What is this blog about?

I’ll be sharing hand-lettering tips and trick, pieces that I create that I’m proud of, opportunities to win awesome stationery, and more! Some of my pieces will be physical (hand-drawn with a writing tool on paper or other physical medium) and others will be digital. I’ll also share how to digitize your own hand-lettering so it’s easily editable in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

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