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Let’s Talk Crayligraphy!

What the Heck is Crayligraphy??

Well, to put it pretty simply, crayligraphy is just calligraphy using Crayola markers!

The first time I heard about crayligraphy, I was honestly in disbelief. I couldn’t believe that people were creating awesome modern hand lettered pieces using kids’ markers. Here I was, ordering brush pens, markers, pen nibs and holders left and right, when all I really needed to begin creating unique hand lettered pieces was right around the corner! (Literally, I live a block away from Wal-Mart.)

Not to mention, a 10-pack of Crayola or equivalent markers are pretty inexpensive compared to “special” brush markers.

How does it work?

I’m not going to lie, there is a bit of a learning curve to maneuvering a Crayola marker as opposed to a brush pen, but it’s really not that difficult. I find I use a similar hand position, but a steeper angle, when using my markers vs a brush pen.

Similar to using brush pens, pressure is key when using Crayola markers (or any similar marker). You want to apply less pressure on the upstroke and more pressure on the downstroke. If you want a broader downstroke, the angle of your marker to the paper needs to be less than if you want a thin downstroke.


Here’s a short clip of me writing the word “hello” from both above and from desk-level. I like using “hello” because it has a lot of loops and stroke variation. Notice that I’m not rotating the marker at all or changing the angle of the marker in relation to my paper. It is literally just varying amounts of pressure.

Another thing to be aware of when you’re using these types of markers is that as you write and apply pressure to the tip of the marker, it starts to change the shape of the tip. You want to rotate the marker in your hand occasionally while you’re writing (not mid-stroke, but after you finish a letter or whenever you would naturally lift your pen when writing).

What type of marker works best?

I prefer the broad tip markers over the super tips or smaller tips. I feel like there is more variation in the strokes with a broad tip.


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